WNY Women Leading the Charge: Lynne Mallare Bona

Posted at 8:50 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 20:50:11-04

Lynne Mallare Bona is President of Amherst trucking company Mallare Enterprises, and one of few women in the local trucking business.

The business is in her genes.  Lynne took over the company from her mother, who, despite having no experience, had no doubts she would be successful when the family bought the company.

"She said well I raised five kids, so I think that qualifies me," Lynne recalled.

In March of 2013, after her mother passed away, Lynne took over the trucking businesss.  Under the two women's leadership, the company doubled in size.  Today, Mallare Enterprises has seven tractors, 17 dump trucks, 11 trailers, and offers road and parking lot sweeping. 

The company rents trucks and hauls equipment for construction companies doing all kinds of work across Western New York.  Their equipment has been a part of development at Canalside, HARBORCENTER, and also helped with the project to open Main Street in Buffalo to traffic.  Still, Lynne says her favorite work is often the smaller, every day construction projects that make a big impact for Western New Yorkers.

"People will call me and say thank god I saw your truck out there, thank god - does that mean the road is getting done?" she laughed. 

Mallare Enterprises is a family business, and Lynne works with two of her brothers and a nephew every day.  The family says they're thrilled to have an impact on the area, and they know their mother would be proud of what they've done.

"A year or two down the road, when the projects are completed, it's gratifying to know we helped out one way or another to make this happen," said Lynne's brother Mike Mallare.

"It's so exciting to see Buffalo become what we knew it could be.  You go around and people are saying I saw your truck out there - it's kind of exciting to see all the different projects being done, and knowing that we've been a part of it," said Lynne.