WNY Women Leading the Charge: Lisa Stefanie

Posted at 9:10 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 21:10:43-04

As the President of Triple Track HR Partners, Lisa Stefanie makes sure small local businesses have all the Human Resource solutions they need.  The company was developed after Stefanie and her partners saw how much Western New York companies would benefit from their work.

"There was a need for outsourced HR solutions for small and midsized solutions that needed help and expertise, but they didn't necessarily need someone on their payroll working full time," she explained.

Today, Triple Track HR Partners employes eight women, who provide HR services to local businesses.  Anything a smaller company needs from an H-R department, they're there to do.

"They need help with training, they need help with compliance," explained Stefanie.  "Much of what we've been doing recently is recruiting."

Stefanie credits the University at Buffalo's School of Management for helping her as she grew her business  She raves about the Center for Entrepreneural Leadership Program, which she completed herself, and now happily gives back to.

"The CEL program only works if people give back and mentor," she said.  "And when I went through the program I had a terrific mentor.  And now I'm fortunate enough that I can be paired up with someone who needs support in HR, business, family business, whatever I have expertise in, and I can do the same for them."

Triple Track recently discovered a niche within the Western New York Community.  Stefanie says they've been working with a number of local restaurant owners who need HR experts as they set up shop.

"They are great foodies, great energetic folks, they are great entrepreneurs they have great ideas, but some are better at the business side than others.  So we support whatever it is the business owner needs around the HR," she said.  "It's an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Buffalo and certainly in what we're doing - it's all about the people."