Other Half Brewing Company to open location at Seneca One

Posted at 4:19 PM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-04 20:59:50-04

BUFFALO (WKBW) — Buffalo's beer game is about to have a new celebrated player. Other Half Brewing Company, based out of New York City, is coming to Seneca One Tower.

Developer Douglas Jemal confirms that Other Half Brewing Company has signed a lease to occupy up to 12,000 square feet in two buildings in Seneca One's eastern plaza.

"I wanted to activate the east end of the plaza", said Jemal. "Other Half will attract more people to Seneca One for beer and food. It wakes up that whole area".

Andrew Burman, Partner and COO of Other Half Brewing Company, tells 7 EWN that the brewery plans to start occupying space at Seneca One by establishing a beer garden for the summer. "We are trying to do as much as we can without biting off too much. It has the 12,000 square feet. I think we are going to take 1,000 to start with. Hoping as COVID laws relax we are able to open up more indoors.", said Burman.

Other Half Brewing Company has also worked with Douglas Development on a location in Washington D.C. and sees a gradual expansion at Seneca One. "They have been so supportive of us. We are really trying to take it day by day. If one part is successful we will go to the next part. If the next part is successful we will go to the next thing. Hopefully one day it's a 12,000 square foot beer garden with food and corn hole leagues. We are focusing on the beer garden and will focus on the indoor when it starts to get a little bit cooler", said Burman.

Other Half Brewing Company will occupy a total of 12,000 square feet in two plaza level buildings at Seneca One

Jemal says Other Half plans to open at Seneca One as soon as the brewery is able to secure a liquor license for the space. The hope is the beer garden is ready to go by June 1st.

Other Half Brewing Company produces 7 of the Top 10 beers in New York State according to BeerAdvocate.

Other Half Brewing IPA
Other Half Brewing Company boasts 7 of the Top 10 beers in New York State according to BeerAdvocate
Other Half Pop Up
Other Half Brewing Company held "pop ups" at Seneca One this winter where hundreds of beer fans stood in line to buy specialty brews.

Other Half Brewing Company has locations in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., and The Finger Lakes. Buffalo beer fans lined up for hours this winter when the brewery stopped at Seneca One to offer specialty brews for purchase during "pop-up" events.

"As Other Half has expanded I think we have underestimated how great Upstate has been to us.", said Burman. "Through Rochester, Canandaigua and Buffalo. We have always been amazed at the reception up there." "We really have always loved Buffalo."