As the City of Niagara Falls gears up for summer, it hopes new attractions draw more visitors

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-06 17:52:44-04

The Niagara Falls are no doubt magical, attracting tourists from all over.

"I think you should definitely come here. It's definitely an amazing site and it's beautiful," said Avery Spencer, who's on vacation with her parents and brother.

But it's a struggle to keep tourists on this side of the falls.

"The word on he street when we booked out trip is that the Canadian side offers more attractions, especially for family, and a little bit upscale experience compared to the U.S. side," said Barry Spencer, Avery's father.

Which is why about a year ago, there was an idea to create a 'World Weather Center' attraction in the One Niagara building, which is near the Niagara Falls State Park.
The plan would include weather-related exhibits.

"It's a very exciting plan but at the time, they had no study, they had no backing, they had nothing behind them. So we kind of had to tell them to go out and get some information and come back to us," said Councilman Kenny Tompkins. " So now it looks like they've done a study and stuff like that. The plan was exciting I mean it really presenting it well so we're looking forward to seeing what they come back to the table with."

"I think something that would be educational, as well as useful for the whole family to experience, is a huge attraction for people coming from out of state that want to bring the family and have them stay locally," said Barry Spencer.

One Niagara offers sightseeing tours, two floors of shopping, a food court and souvenirs.

It's a welcome center that warmly welcomes guests, but it's not enough to keep them in the city.

"Right now we could use any attraction-ship we could get downtown in Niagara Falls. We don't have a lot to keep families here for a long time. We have the falls itself," said Councilman Tompkins. "But we don't have anything to draw people here and to keep people here besides the falls."