WHO'S IN? See the people interested in Congressman Collins' seat

Posted: 11:32 AM, Aug 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-14 09:12:33-04
WHO'S IN? See the people interested in Congressman Collins' seat

"There could be more," Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy said Monday, of the candidates interested in the Republican nomination to fill Congressman Chris Collins' seat.

In a weekend press conference, the GOP leader said there was a list of about 15 people interested in representing New York's 27th Congressional District.

According to Langworthy, more than a dozen people have expressed an interest in the job.  Among those who are interested or who have announced:

  • State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer, (R) Amherst
  • State Senator Chris Jacobs, (R) Buffalo
  • State Senator Patrick Gallivan, (R) Elma
  • David Bellavia, radio host
  • State Assemblyman David DiPietro, (R) East Aurora
  • Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon
  • Jim Domagalski, former Erie County GOP Chairman
  • Jeff Freeland, White House staffer from Lewiston
  • Erie County Legislator Ed Rath, (R) Clarence 

Here is a list of five other interested parties.  

Andrea Bozek, a Republican operative from Buffalo, told us she will not seek the nomination, but "it was an honor to be mentioned."

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday with Langworthy and GOP leaders from other Western New York counties, to figure out a way forward.  A nomination is not expected to come from this meeting, though a schedule is likely to be hashed out.  Langworthy did not say where this meeting would be held.

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