What makes a good Super Bowl commercial?

Posted at 12:28 PM, Feb 08, 2016

The day after the Super Bowl means a lot of over-analyzing of the game, a few extra miles on the treadmill, and of course, talking about commercials!

And that's exactly what companies are hoping you do after they dish out millions to broadcast their product or brand for millions to see.

"A good Super Bowl spot has to stand out against all the noise," Michael Tsanis from Eric Mower + Associates said. " I mean you have a big game going on, you have a halftime show with the biggest superstars in the world."

Tsanins, just like everybody, had ads he loved and ads that left him scratching his head.

The experts from Eric Mower + Associates agreed on these:

Audi R8 Big Game Commercial - Commander

The all new 2016 Toyota Prius - The Longest Chase

Jeep 2016 Super Bowl Commercial - Portraits

Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial - First Date

"All these brands are competing for mental space. A good Super Bowl ad has to stand out enough to where we're talking about it today."

But some ads are getting some controversy, like this one:

2016 crash the Super Bowl - Ultrasound

Either way, the experts say if you can push your brand to the next level and make consumers think about it down the line, then the advertiser has done a good job.

So now the question remains.....which was your favorite? Here's what the 7 Eyewitness News team thinks!