Don't Buy It Before We Try It: Pet Grooming Brush Glove

Posted at 8:18 AM, Jan 25, 2018

The Pet Grooming Brush Glove promises to gently remove hair from dogs and cats, and prevent fur from flying in your home.

We bought it on Amazon for about $5.00, and took it to the SPCA of Erie County to test it out.  Chief Communications Officer Gina Browning said the glove, which velcros on your hand, was a good fit.

"It's snug, which is good.  So it's not just going to go slipping off," she said.

We started by testing the glove on a stray cat, which seemed to like being pet with it on.  Browning noticed that the cat didn't run from the glove, and actually solicited being pet.  When we looked at the glove, it had taken off a significant amount of hair after only a few pets.

Next, we tested the glove on Jake, a beagle who has been waiting to be adopted.  Once again, the glove easily took hair off.

"Same as the cat - it seems like they really enjoy it, they're treating it like a massage.  It's spa day here at the SPCA," said Gina.

The Pet Grooming Brush Glove did what it promised.  It pulled off plenty of stray hair, and it was a hit with both cats and dogs.  It's important to note that other tests under other conditions might yield different results, but based on our tests, we're giving the Pet Grooming Brush Glove five out of five stars.