Vote for opioid crisis hotline set for next week

Posted at 12:36 PM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 16:15:39-04

In Erie County an average of 11 people have died every week since the start of 2016.



The startling numbers are why some local lawmakers are proposing $375 thousand for an opioid hotline, specifically designed for people struggling with addiction. 

That hotline, if approved, would be operated by what Erie County Health Commissioner Gale Burstein called "experts" specifically trained to deal with addicts.



The proposal was front in center for nearly two hours Thursday for members of the Erie County Legislature.

Every legislator that spoke addressed how big of a problem opioids have become--the question for some though was where will this $375 thousand come from?



While the lawmakers went back and forth family members effected by opioid abuse stood off to the side, occasionally yelling out things like "vote on this today" and "stop playing games."


The families wishes weren't granted but the vote on this proposal is expected to take place during the Erie County Legislature's next session Thursday April 14 at 2 p.m.