Violent start to the New Year: multiple shootings

Posted at 12:05 AM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-02 00:05:18-05

The beginning of 2017 was anything but quiet for Buffalo police. Violence erupting in the Queen City, with three fatal shootings, and one person in critical condition.

Within the first hour of the New Year, Buffalo police say a 22-year-old man was shot dead on Byrd Way. Then, just thirty minutes later, a shooting on Niagara Street. The victim remains in critical condition. Hours later, a 25-year-old shot dead on McNeeley Way. Police now investigating if that shooting is connected to the Byrd Way shooting. And it didn't end there. Just after 10 a.m., a woman shot to death on Gold Street.

"We were hoping and praying that nothing like this would happen, but unfortunately it did," said Bishop Perry Davis from Stop The Violence Foundation.

These incidents, causing concern for groups like Stop the Violence.

"From my understanding, we're 15th in the nation for crime in the city, and Buffalo is not that big of a city to be 15th in the nation," said Bishop Davis. "I think that's pretty alarming!"

So troubling, the organization is adding more programs than the ones they had in 2016, in hopes of hvaing a safer year.

"What we've been doing lately is coming up with different programs and events for the youth and for young adults to get off the streets," said Bishop Davis.

"Whatever it is that this community needs, we need to come together as a collaboration front," said Leonard Lane, president of Buffalo's Father group. 

Buffalo Father's knows the needs of this community. The group is also gearing up for a safe New Year, hoping to continue their strong message about curbing gun violence.

"One child is just too many in the City of Buffalo, and that's when it needs to really stop," said Lane.