Fitbit shows woman is pregnant

Posted at 10:44 AM, Feb 10, 2016

Keeping track of steps, challenging friends and family to healthy competitions and monitoring a heart rate — a Fitbit can do that. 

But tell whether someone is pregnant? 

One couple said a Fitbit helped them learn a baby is on the way. 

Changes in appetite, morning sickness and elated levels of emotion are all signs of pregnancy, experts say

But one that can be a little tougher to detect without some sort of device is a high resting heart rate, and that's reportedly where the Fitbit came in. 

The couple bought Fitbits for Christmas to help get in shape, according to BuzzFeed News. But the wife told her husband shortly after that the device was recording a high resting heart rate. 

After some research, the couple found out the wife is pregnant. 

The couple told BuzzFeed News that they wish to remain anonymous because they have not revealed the pregnancy to many of their family members and friends because the wife is only about a month into the pregnancy.