They're serving up sweets at the Dessert Cafe

A destination that dishes up delicious delights
Posted at 7:31 PM, Mar 10, 2017

So you've been dreaming of a place where you can skip the main course and go right to the "good stuff"? You can stop dreaming. It's already here and it's called The Dessert Cafe located on North French Rd. in East Amherst.

According to manager Autumn Kuhn "we're all about the desserts-everything here is sweet, we don't do anything savory." You'd expect a sweet spot like this to feature cakes, cookies and ice cream, but it's their carefully constructed confections covered in syrups, nuts, whip cream and powdered sugar that keeps the customers coming back.

The most difficult challenge at the Dessert Cafe is trying to make up your mind because the menu boasts over one-hundred twenty items and that's not counting all the "make your own" possibilities.

They have been dishing up this dizzying array of delicious desserts for about a year. You might want to check it out, but heed this warning that the manager shared with a giggle " if you're looking to diet don't come here-we have a lot of calories!"

You can check out the Dessert Cafe at their website.

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