Their designs are dazzling movie makers

Vania and David creations are on the silver screen
Posted at 7:34 AM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 07:34:45-04

Vania Martinez grew up in Paraguay and says that she didn't really have a knack for art "I was probably the worst person in art class, but I always loved making things." She made her first bracelet at the age of seven and never stopped.

Vania met and married David, an American and they moved to Buffalo. They opened Vania And David in the Elmwood Village. Their boutique bursts forth with their colorful and imaginatively designed jewelry and leather goods. David says "I have a hand in many of the designs, particularly the men's designs."

Vania and David's creations have caught the eye of movie makers and movie stars. First, one of their handbags was used in the locally produced The American Side. Since then their designs have made it into thirteen films including Sharknado 2. Their jewelry has been worn by stars like Ellen Burstyn, Vivica Fox, Miss Universe and Good Morning America's Robin Roberts.

Their prices range from  $2000 down to $20 and according to Vania the designs all have one thing in common "I try to put all my love in and to create the most amazing pieces."

More information about Vania and David at their website