Woodworker says he's "living the dream"

He opened a showroom in Orchard Park
Posted at 10:12 AM, Dec 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 10:12:52-05

Dennis Bracci is living the dream. Maybe to the untrained eye it looks like work and sounds like work, but make no mistake as far as Dennis is concerned there's no place he'd rather be than his wood working shop behind his Orchard Park home. He says "I always wanted to build a shop like this, this is my retirement."

Working with wood is a passion that consumes him. Dennis says "you think about things. I don't sleep so good, I design something and go out and build it."

Mornings you'll find him in his "dream work shop" and in the afternoons he heads to his retail store on South Abbott Rd. in Orchard Park called "Designs By Dennis". The showroom is filled with his one of a kind creations: tables, chairs, and boxes. The pieces here represent hundreds of hours of work but Dennis says "it's not even like work, it's fun to me."

He takes custom orders and says he's willing to try anything with wood. He knows a lot about wood and making things but it's also clear that Dennis Bracci knows a lot about following a dream. His advice to others "when you got time and you're still healthy-you just got to do it."

Designs by Dennis can be found on Facebook orat his website Phone 716-479-5686