They serve award winning wine and ghostly tales

Posted at 5:29 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 17:29:17-04

People visit the Winery at Marjim Manor in Appleton for their award winning wines as well as a possible encounter with the paranormal. According to owner Margo Sue Bittner "our ghosts are happy ghosts."

Margo Sue knows all of the ghostly and ghastly details of all of the former residents. She says the original owner Shubal Merritt accidently shot his son here on a "Thursday afternoon at three".

That's a popular time around here-according to Margo Sue- four humans and one dog have all died here on a "Thursday afternoon at three" adding "and one person died on a Sunday afternoon at Three".

"Thursday afternoon at Three" is also the name given to some of the wines here. The place is popular with wine lovers and ghost hunters. Margo Sue says they have wonderful events including Victorian teas and they are opened almost every day of the year.

You can find more information at their website.