She started the iconic WNY custard & roast beef

Greta Anderson celebrates a big birthday
Posted at 10:07 AM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 10:07:47-04

Greta Anderson had a big birthday last month. She celebrated by making herself a cinnamon ice cream cone at the spot that bears the family name- Anderson's Custard & Roast Beef. 

Greta and her husband Karl opened their first ice cream stand in 1946 in the Bronx. But they soon left there and returned home to Western New York to a place on Kenmore Avenue, eventually relocating to Sheridan Drive in 1953.

Greta says there was plenty of hard work in the early days "it makes me tired thinking about it" and the original spot had slanted windows that they all kept hitting their heads on "we would hit our heads on that slant, it was terrible."

Greta celebrated her 100th birthday last month. According to Betty, the manager of the Sheridan store-Greta still stops in for lunch and to do the weeding.Greta says she is "blessed", no aches, no pains, no medicine, I am so thankful.

You can find more information at the Anderson's web site.