She created the "milk of the future"

Posted at 10:00 AM, Apr 10, 2018

Dr. Cheryl Mitchell calls it the "milk of the future". She is a food scientist and the milk she is referring to is plant based, made from nuts, seeds and grains.

For her latest endeavor, a company called Elmhurst Milked, Dr. Mitchell came up with a new way of extracting all the good stuff from the nuts, turning it into milk without having to add chemicals. She says "we are maximizing nutrition because it's just the nuts and that's all we really need."

The thirty thousand square foot aseptic facility in Elma opened about a year ago. Dr, Mitchell knows every inch of the space because she designed it.

She partnered with with Henry Schwartz when his family's Elmhurst Dairy closed. Together they have created the new company Elmhurst Milked with the same purpose in mind as traditional dairies "delivering nutrition to the doorsteps."

You can find Elmhurst Milked at Wegmans and on line at the Elmhurst website