Rock Star Eddie Money's life story is now a musical

The Rochester premiere features Buffalo talent
Posted at 10:58 AM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 10:58:17-05

It's not unusual to find Eddie Money ready to go on stage. He says "I'm having a good time. I have five kids, I'll do anything to get out of the house." The Rock & Roll icon that burst onto the scene in the seventies with hits like "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets To Paradise" is getting ready to rock in a new musical based on his life.

The show is being presented at the Kodak Center in Rochester but features some hometown help from some Buffalo talent including Terri Filips Vaughan & her husband Steve. Steve plays Eddie Money's dad in the show and Terri is the choreographer, she says "this is Eddies life, Eddies dream and I want to do it justice."

The cast also includes a number of Niagara University students who sing and dance in the show. Eddie says "I'm excited to be working with such a great cast, the dancers are fantastic, the actors are great."

The show runs through Sunday. You can get more information and tickets at the Rochester Association of Performing Arts website