Pro Basketball Training facility opens in Wheatfield

A "dream come true" for young entrepreneur
Posted at 9:29 PM, Sep 08, 2017

He may look young, but Tony Watson II has already racked up two decades on the basketball court. He says "I started playing basketball when I was four so I've played basketball about twenty-one years if you count that." It's Tony's experience at playing basketball at UB and then as a pro overseas that he is now passing on to others.

Tony, partnering with a another former UB player, Rod Middleton, has just opened the Pro Training Facility in Wheatfield. Rod's domain is strength and conditioning while Tony takes care of player development. Together they hope to make a difference, and not just for basketball players. Tony says  " we cover all spectrums of fitness and if there is a way to improve your health, that's what we want to offer you."

Tony began providing training tips on line and then made the choice to open this bricks and mortar facility. He says that with the help of family and friends he was able to transform a warehouse into the Pro Training Basketball facility in just thirty days.It opened just days ago, but already clients are lining up.

Pro Training Basketball is located at 3790 Commerce Ct Suite 100, Wheatfield, NY 14120

Or on line at their website