Popular billiards hall makes the move to the mall

Posted at 8:17 AM, Mar 15, 2018

Mike Shriver has been playing billiards since he was a kid "my Dad made a cart so I could reach the table" he says. By the time he was sixteen he was working in a pool hall. These days he doesn't get to play much because he's too busy running the place.

Mike has owned Bison Billiards for a decade and just made the move to the Eastern Hills Mall. It was an invitation extended by the mall manager after he checked out Mike's former location in Clarence. Mike says "he loved what he saw, family atmosphere, that's what he wanted here for his renovation of the mall.

Bison Billiards now fills eighty-three hundred square feet and there's plenty of room for twenty-one tables, computerized dart boards that connect to the internet so you can play others anywhere in the world and even a shuffle board that Mike call "table to curling."

Mike seems most proud of the young people and the leagues that play here. He doubts he'll find more time to play saying "it's like a plumber. His pipes leak because he's helping everybody else.."

You can get more information at the Bison Billiards website.