Polish Villa 2 serving up great food & tradition

Posted at 1:03 PM, Jul 20, 2018

Rosanna Kutas is proud of the food that leaves her kitchen at Polish Villa 2 in Cheektowaga. While she can plate a meal in minutes, Rosanna will admit that there is plenty of prep work involved beforehand saying "Polish food is so much work."

Polish Villa 2 will be serving at the 40th Annual Cheektowaga Polish American Arts Festival. They will serve their traditional Kielbasa, smoked Kielbasa and hand made pierogies and golumpkis.

In preparation for the festival Rosanna says they have stocked up on their hand-made smoked sausage and plan to have at least 400 pounds on hand. Rosanna says "people love their kielbasa"

Polish Villa 2 is located at 1085 Harlem Rd. in Cheektowaga. You can find more information at their website.