Packing up the BPO for a trip to Poland

Posted at 8:45 AM, Mar 01, 2018

It's the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's first trip to Europe in thirty years so it is a very big deal. It's also a lot of work but according to Alison Bolton, Director of Orchestra and Hall Operations it's worth it "we want the World to know how amazing our BPO is."

There is an amazing amount of packing involved. Huge cases on loan from the Toronto Symphony will be used to pack up many of the instruments.  

Special case were ordered for the percussion section because their luggage will include drums, cymbals and a glockenspiel. Percussionist Mark Hodges says "I wish I played the flute".

Brett Shurtliffe explains why BPO members are taking their instruments instead of renting them in Europe "everyone of our instruments is hand made, high quality instruments and pieces of art work." That's why Brett will carefully pack his base nicknamed Katrina, that's been with him since High School and head off Poland in March with the BPO for a very "exciting trip."