New life for retail space at Eastern Hills Mall

Niagara Emporium is "win win" for buyers & sellers
Posted at 1:45 PM, Oct 06, 2017

This is one store at Eastern Hills Mall that you'll want to make sure you visit wearing your walking shoes. The sixty thousand square feet of retail space used to be a Macy's. It's now Niagara Emporium and home to nearly two-hundred vendors.

Andrea Brewer, her husband Rob and their two sons run things here. The place is jam packed, from floor to ceiling with memorabilia, collectibles and even new merchandise. Vendor Bill Shuler sells home furnishings, he says "for us it's a hobby that pays for itself."

With so many vendors and so much merchandise under one roof, Andrea has advice for shoppers-"you may have to look around." 

The store hours are the same as the mall, and you can find Niagara Emporium on Facebook.