Local scientist has evidence of life on Mars

He sees trace fossils in images from the Rover
Posted at 10:01 AM, Feb 14, 2018

Barry DiGregorio of Middleport believes that he has discovered evidence of life on Mars. Barry is an astrobiologist and an honorary research fellow with the University of Buckingham. He studies gases, rocks and other materials that are indicators of life and in his words "we apply that to what we might find on other planets."

Barry's latest discovery, after studying images sent back from NASA's Curiosity Rover, has been getting world-wide coverage. He believes that he has found trace fossils on Mars-similar to trace fossils found on earth and dating back about 450 million. Trace fossils are tracks or footprints left behind by once living creatures. Barry says that "what it says is that life rose to the multi-cellular level."

He admits that NASA is not so quick to agree that the squiggles seen in the images are trace fossils adding "NASA is saying they are crystals."

Barry DiGregorio will continue to study trace fossils and will be presenting his hypothesis of trace fossils on Mars in a scientific paper to a conference that will be held in Australia this June.