Local psychic medium shares collection of oddities

Posted at 12:17 PM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 12:17:46-04

Tim Shaw is an interesting guy with a very weird collection.

The lecturer and psychic medium is a self-professed collector of oddities. That collection includes things like Ouija boards, voodoo dolls, and even a monkey paw, as well as seemingly harmless objects like dolls and teddy bears that have exhibited some strange behavior, like inexplicably moving between shelves in a display cabinet.

Shaw says his collection has spiritual ties, and he says he comes from a long line of spiritualists.

"I've been brought up Roman Catholic and my father's family have been spiritualists since the 1890's," Shaw said.

That's why Shaw's collection also includes religious objects like a silver cross used in 11 sanctioned exorcisms and a St. Joseph statue that Shaw says can help you sell your house quickly.

"You bury [the statue] upside down," Shaw said. 

Shaw says that ritual helped his mother's home sell in just four days.

Shaw also has objects he swears are still attached to their original owners who are now ghosts. He says he protects himself by attaching religious medals to them -- the medals keep the spirit world quiet, and his wife happy.

"I don't want these pieces to be wandering through my house," Shaw said, "My wife would divorce me."

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