Local company will build you a home in the trees

Buffalo Treehouse business is booming
Posted at 7:59 AM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 07:59:58-04

You don't have to be Tarzan to want to live in a treehouse. Treehouses are Rico Rivera's specialty and he says business is booming. Rico started Buffalo Treehouse about a decade ago. He says "we've been kind of Buffalo's best kept secret for a while."

Rico's five man crew does a lot of hanging around on ropes and pulleys to get the job done. "It's more than just being a carpenter-they have to be tree climbers, they got to be pretty versatile when they're up there." Rico says.

They are putting the finishing touches on a treehouse for a Southtowns client who wanted a backyard get-a-way. To reduce the time spent on site-the structure is first built off site, disassembled and then reassembled on site.

High end treehouse prices range from forty to fifty thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can find Buffalo Treehouse on Facebook and at their website.