Kickboxing brothers open Boxstar Training

Customers get a kick out kickboxing craze
Posted at 12:49 PM, Mar 10, 2018

Drew Graziadei and his brother Mike opened Boxstar Training Studio on Elmwood in Buffalo last August. Drew thinks there are many reasons why the Kickboxing craze continues to catch on saying "it's a full body workout, it's great cardio, it's great for your balance, it gives you confidence." 

Drew is like a drill sergeant as he runs his class through forty-five minutes of punishing routines. He says he has to do it and adds "that's why they come here. If they work out on their own they aren't going to work as hard as we're going to push them."

A lot of young people take up the exercise, but Judy Zeckhauser who says she's "almost seventy" has no problem keeping up with the kids, saying it's fun, it's only forty-five minutes, I'm happy and proud of myself."

It's not all kicking and punching. Some of the stations include lifting, stepping and jumping. Boxstar Training is a no contact gym-which means you will be punching and kicking bags but not each other.

You can check out their classes at their website.