His collection of stuff grew into a world class museum

Jim Sandora began collecting at an early age
Posted at 10:03 AM, Sep 29, 2017

You could say that Jim Sandora has a lot of stuff. His collecting got out of hand at an early age. Even the age of nine, Jim had a plan for his stuff, he says "my mother said what are you going to do with all this stuff, I said I'm going to have a car museum." True to his word, Jim's collection of stuff now fills the the world class Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum.

Jim says that even he is amazed that he was able to collect so much stuff. What kind of stuff? For starters, some amazing classic cars in include great examples of what Jim says are "two of the best cars that were made in Buffalo, The Pierce and the Thomas."

Included here is a '63 Chevy 409, just like the first car that Jim owned. He bought it because all of his friends worked at Chevy "making muscle cars" and they recommended it.

The collection has grown to include an impressive display of old time bicycles, featuring one high wheeler that Jim rode a hundred miles in one day from Buffalo to Erie, as he says "into the wind, no training wheels and I never fell off."

They give tours here, stage events and welcome visitors from all over the world. Jim likes talking about his collection and with his encyclopedic knowledge of his stuff, he makes the perfect tour guide.

You can find more information about Jim Sandora's collection and The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum at their website.