He turns old pallets into patriotic masterpieces

Posted at 7:38 AM, Jul 05, 2018

Outside Marty Bidell's garage there is a pile of old pallets, but that's not what he sees. "My mind is always going with different ideas of things I can make out of it." says Marty. That's why he can spend hours in his garage workshop bringing new life to old wood.

Marty has made flower boxes, benches and a variety of pieces to hang on the wall. In January he started making American flags and to say they have been popular might be an understatement. According to Marty "they have been very popular, because I'll give one to somebody and then someone will see it and say can you make me one?"

Woodworking talent runs in Marty's family. He points out that he had a great-grandfather that was a master carpenter. He says patriotism runs in the family as well. Marty is an Army Veteran. 

The flags are available at the Old Chapel and Artisan Market in North Tonawanda and on Marty's Facebook page called "Second Chance Lumber Company."