Drive-In deals with new car high-tech hassles

Posted at 11:41 AM, Aug 31, 2018

He zips around on a Segway which makes his already cool job seem even more cool. Rick Cohen owns the Transit Drive-In. The drive-in opened in 1952 and Rick's grandfather bought it in 1957. Rick's been around the business his whole life and running things since 1987.

His job has become complicated in recent years with all of the new car innovations. Much of his evening is spent dealing with "high-tech hassles".

Rick says the car dealers "changed over to push button start now, so there's no longer a way to turn the car into accessory" and adds "they are engineered to turn off every hour so there's no way to hold the accessory on to listen to the movie."

When it comes to getting all the interior lights off, the newer cars can really be a problem. Rick says "with the hatch open, there is no way to get them off". Rick has figured out some hacks to help out customers. And while he says he's shared the new problems with car manufacturers-they have been "pretty dismissive." 

Rick says if you have a newer car, read the manual before you head out to the drive-in. If you have problems at the Transit Drive-In-look for Rick on his Segway.