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Buffalo Society of Artists opening their 123rd Catalogue Exhibition

At the Sisti Gallery North
Posted at 5:26 PM, Sep 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-20 09:51:44-04

PENDLETON, NY (WKBW-TV) — The Sisti Gallery North is bustling with activity as the Buffalo Society of Artists get ready to present their 123rd Catalogue Exhibition.

According the the Show Chair Cindy O'Mara this is the perfect place for this show. She says" I love it. Large open space, beautiful light."

This Gallery is a tribute to artist Anthony Sisti, built by his grandson Ron LaRocque. Ron says his grandfather was into boxing and creating big art and would have appreciated this gallery and this particular show. He says " this is right along the lines of what he would like to do. He would like to promote local artists and try to bring them to the next level."

The BSA Show opens Sunday September 22 and runs through October 27th. You can get more info at the BSA website.