Brothers run restaurant that honors veterans

Major Tom's Drop Zone serves up food and history
Posted at 10:44 AM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 10:44:12-05

Tom Kiera is proud of his place and he should be. He opened Major Tom's Drop Zone in Hamburg six years ago. It continues to be a work in progress and he says "kids love it because they feel they are eating in a tree house and veterans love it-they get teary eyed because they see things they used in the military."

Tom is a seventeen year veteran of the Air Force. His partners are his brothers Jordan and Jeremy who are still serving in the military. What they have created is a restaurant and a World War II museum all in one. Tom says "we just had some people in from out of town who were blown away that this place looks like a museum"

Decorated with model airplanes, military uniforms, newspaper headlines and replicas of bombs-the restaurant is jam packed with items that pay tribute to all of those who have served in the military. The community has embraced this unique eatery with many of the artifacts being donated by customers.

This band of brothers admits that running a restaurant has served up many challenges. Tom says "I get more stress about messing up a meal than when I was in the Air Force and having something fall off a plane."

For Veterans Day Major Tom's Drop Zone is offering a personal cheese pizza or spaghetti and meatball with bread sticks, to eat in, free for all veterans. You can find out more information at their website.