Bow tie makers invite everyone to "tie one on"

Posted at 9:36 AM, Apr 06, 2018

In the village of Youngstown, N.Y. you'll find a couple of guys who make bow ties. They do the cutting, sewing and selling. According to partners Mike Beam and Duke Adams "we do it all."

The long-time friends joined forces a few years ago with the mission to build a better bow tie.  Duke says "it started as a conversation, it turned from we can't find bow ties that we like to we need to make better bow ties.

Their efforts blossomed into business called Vagabond Bowties. They sell on line and are now making some deals with national companies. Mike says "The Shave Club" is promoting us.

The bow ties are made from re-purposed fabric. Mike and Duke are proud that their ties are "Made in America" and with American materials. The bow ties are made to be four-in one, four way reversible and sell for $49, but you can find some deals on their website. More information available at