Book artist's work will soon make its national TV debut on Netflix

Posted at 11:08 AM, Mar 08, 2019

You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet and you have to cut up a few classics to make book art. Heather Cook made the plunge a few years ago when she was inspired by another book artist. She says "I thought I love books, I love art and I want to try this" and so she did.

Early on she just gave away her book art as gifts but at the suggestion of her husband she started selling them. Heather has been selling her work on Etsy for about three years. Her company is called LitARTure. Her original pieces have been selling from $20 up to over a thousand.

She got a message from Netflix one day and a prop manager for a new show wanted some of her work. Heather's artistry will make a debut on a new comedy called NO GOOD NICK on April 15th on Netflix. You can find more of her work on Facebook and Etsy.