Volunteer barbers a cut above the rest

Posted at 7:07 AM, Mar 09, 2018

Kyle and Robby run the Gentleman's Club Barbershop in North Tonawanda. Every few months they make their way to Veterans Hospital and team up to give the vets a trim, a full cut or even a shave. 

The partners are sharing their time and talent for free. According to Kyle "In high school we lost a very close friend in the military-so we have a lot of respect for people in the military. You know, they put their lives on the line."

Recreation therapist Nancy Kaszynski says the vets look forward to these experiences adding "there is som sort of testosterone effect when they're here with their tattoos and barbershop talk, it's an anticipated activity."

Robby and Kyle's Gentlemen's Club on the road may not make money, but it definitely makes a difference. If you would like to volunteer your time at the VA Hospital you can get more information at their website.