Teachers, Buffalo City School District continue to fight over City Honors teaching positions

Posted at 12:07 PM, Feb 15, 2018

The Buffalo City School District has decided to fight a temporary restraining order blocking the transfer of teachers from the City Honors School in Buffalo.

Representatives from the Buffalo Teachers Federation and the Buffalo City School District met behind closed doors in judges chambers Thursday morning. Both sides were unable to find a compromise on whether or not five and a half teaching positions will be removed from City Honors School.

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The blame is being passed on both sides. Phil Rumore, president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation says this move "uses students as pawns" and the removal of teaching positions is something the BTF never wanted. The district says their efforts to compromise have been unsuccessful and that this issue is not a fight they want to have, but must because, "it's a budget decision. We have limited resources that need to be distributed across our entire system," says Nate Kuzma, general counsel for Buffalo Public Schools.

Litigation will continue into next week, the district planning to submit paperwork on Wednesday. The BTF will respond by Friday.

Kuzma says he wants teachers from City Honors and the BTF to have a sit down conversation with Superintendent Kriner Cash, outside of the courtroom to find a solution.

Rumore says the BTF will continue to fight because he believes teachers at City Honors should not have to perform non-teaching duties.

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