Sweet Home math teacher wins TV for student with clutch half-court shot

Posted at 3:31 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 15:45:08-04

It only took one half-court shot to give the entire Sweet Home family a moment they'll never forget. 

It all started with a simple giveaway at the end of their homecoming weekend pep-rally.  The high school principal Scott Martin decided to give away a 43-Inch TV to one of the high school students.

The rules were simple -- whatever student was chosen could either attempt a half-court shot three times on their own or pick a teacher to shoot for them. If the basket was made, they'd go home with a TV.

Arianna, a senior at Sweet Home High School, was selected and chose math teacher and JV volleyball coach Steve Becker. His first two attempts just missed but on his third and final try, nothing but net.

"When the young girl, [Arianna] was selected, she was worried she couldn’t make it from half court so she asked me to shoot," Becker told 7 ABC. "When the shot left my hand and I saw it go in I was super excited for her. I could see she was in tears with excitement which was heartwarming."

"It's almost impossible to put words to this," Matt LaRoach, the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics at Sweet Home High School said. "It was nothing but net. And the whole gym, I felt like the roof was going to blow off of it. I know that might sound cliche but the gym was so loud and the kids stormed the floor in her honor." 

"The students I think wanted me to make it for her just as much if not more. It really shows how tight of a community we are becoming," Becker added. 

"We've had a lot of special moments in this gym," LaRoach added. "This was just another one of those moments today where this student body really erupted."

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