Suspect in custody in ongoing arson investigation in Jamestown

Posted at 11:20 AM, Apr 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-05 23:44:19-04

Jamestown Police say they have made an arrest in the ongoing arson investigations.

Police have been looking for a suspect or suspects who have started a string of arsons since January.

Jonathan Young, 19, a student at Jamestown Community College, was arrested Wednesday morning and accused of arson.

Young is also charged with starting a fire in Falconer.

"It's so out of character for the Jonathan we know," said his brother, Matthew Young.

His brother says he's been struggling with some mental and psychological issues, and as recently as December had been hospitalized.

"Just before the holidays he spent some time in the hospital," Matthew said. "We thought it was working and getting better, then this."

Vice President of Enrollment at JCC, Kirk Young, says the arson charges, if true, are a clear violation of the school's code of conduct. The Student Development office will conduct an internal investigation on Young and impsose appropriate sanctions.

Jamestown Mayor says Young is in custody in Pennsylvania.

The Butler County Pennsylvania County Jail contacted Jamestown Police on Monday to let them know they had a suspect in custody on arson and burglary charges. According to Jamestown Police, Young was in custody in Pennsylvania since March 28. He had been giving authorities fake names and they were unable t confirm his true identity.

Jamestown Police were able to confirm Young's identity and investigators traveled to Butler County Tuesday morning to meet with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Young is charged with two counts of second degree arson, nine counts of third degree arson and one count of fifth degree arson.

Young is still being held in Butler County on multiple felony charges from the state of Pennsylvania. These include arson, burglary and motor vehicle theft.