South Buffalo residents discuss Snowvember storm

Posted at 12:15 AM, Dec 30, 2014
and last updated 2015-12-25 00:15:10-05

In South Buffalo, hands were flying all over the place, during a meeting discussing the City's response to the historic November storm.

"Many of us had nine to ten feet of snow piled on our sidewalks which were pretty much impassable to walk through," Debbie Fay said.

Fay was one of about 50 people who met with a panel of city leaders, talking about their concerns.  In most cases it was about sidewalks and snow banks causing safety issues.

"The snow drifts were so high how the drivers able to see you," Fay questioned.

The driving ban was another big issue folks discussed.  They wanted increased fines put on drivers who violate the driving ban.

"They're putting their own lives at risk, they're putting the equipment movers' lives at risk and every other resident in the city, because when they get stuck, everything has to stop," said Linda Freidenberg.  Freidenberg is the president of the Board of Block Clubs for Buffalo and Erie County.

Once the snow stopped in South Buffalo, many people got a good look at some serious property damage.  As we've reported, FEMA is not likely to cover those costs.  Now, some say they are having trouble recouping losses through insurance companies.

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke says their claims are being automatically denied.  He says it's a common practice.

"They initially deny claims to try and avoid paying out justifiable claims, in a way to make it difficult for people to continue that process," Burke said.

While the legislator says it's become an aggravation for some in his district, most at this meeting were anything but aggravated, and pleased with the city's response to this historic snowstorm.