South Buffalo rape suspect considering plea deal

Posted at 1:56 PM, Jan 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 19:10:53-05

The suspect in the rape in Buffalo's Hillery Park is considering a plea deal, according to the Erie County District Attorney's Office.

Timothy DiCenzo is accused of raping a college student at a park and then jumping out of a third story window in an effort to escape police custody last November. The 33-year-old is also being charged in connection with a sexual assault case from 2013 and facing forcible touching charges for a case from September 2014.

No details are available about the 2013 case. But according to court documents, in September 2014, DiCenzo approached "the complainant who was at the bus stop" on Stevenson Street. He then allegedly "touched her left breast (over her clothing) without her consent." Police say DiCenzo also ripped the victim's jacket in the attack. He's charged with forcible touching, harassment and criminal mischief.

In the second case, DiCenzo is charged with rape and robbery on November 3, 2015. Police say not only did he rape a local college student in a field next to Hillery Park, but he also stole her cell phone and New York State identification card. According to court documents, DNA links DiCenzo to both the rape and the stolen items.

Both that case and the case from 2013 have been transferred to the Erie County Supreme Court.

After DiCenzo's arrest, he allegedly escaped from the Buffalo Police Department Headquarters on November 10th. Court documents state DiCenzo "did kick and pull at the third story window in the sex offense squad office interview room" after he was arrested. DiCenzo is accused of jumping from the third story room in an effort to evade police.

He is charged with criminal mischief and escape. DiCenzo's attorney says he suffered severe facial lacerations and lower body injuries.

Bail for DiCenzo was set at a combined $320,000 cash or property.

Buffalo Police requested that the media not show DiCenzo's face, as they believe he may be connected to more cases.

He is due back in court on March 10.




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