Serving up a tradition at the Woodlawn Diner

More than six decades on the same corner
Posted at 6:20 PM, Jul 19, 2016

The Woodlawn Diner has been a fixture on Route 5 since 1952. Dave and Joan Ries took over the place from the original owner in 1985. Joan still remembers that first day and her very first customer. "I was shaking a little and he says what's wrong and I said you're our first customer."

The Woodlawn Diner features all those those things that make places like this so great: the shiny chrome, the delicious specials and the homemade pie. While many of the items on the menu are homemade it's their fresh ground coffee that get much of the praise.

As much as Joan & Dave love this place, they have turned it over to the new owner Missy Jenkins. They have shared their knowledge and the history and Missy is already a "wiz" behind the grill. She admits "I'm not as fast as David, but I'm getting there."

Dave & Joan are retiring, but with Missy calling the shots now, this tasty slice of Western New York history isn't going anywhere.