Erie County DA running for Supreme Court Justice

Posted at 9:41 PM, Sep 17, 2015

The man at the top of the Erie County District Attorney's Office may not be there for much longer.

Two sources tell 7 Eyewitness News reporter Ed Drantch that Frank Sedita is looking to run for a higher office. Sedita later confirmed his intentions to run for Justice of the State Supreme Court.

Sedita gave an emotional speech to his staffers Thursday morning explaining his decision to run for the position. He says the pressure of his current job is one reason he's seeking another.

"You're responsible for that particular case and that situation. When you're the District Attorney, you're responsible for the entire operation," Sedita said.

Sedita has been a prosecutor for more than two decades, dealing with homicides for much of that time, before he was first elected District Attorney in 2008.

In that time he's received several awards and accolades related to his service, including the title of Prosecutor of the Year from the New York State Bar Association.

Sedita also served on the controversial Moreland Commission, instituted and disbanded by Governor Andrew Cuomo, to root out corruption in government.

Sedita has been criticized for his handling of certain cases. He's often been publicly criticized for his prosecution review standards and 'choosing' what cases to handle. The New York Times recently wrote, Sedita "blanches at politically delicate cases."

"This accusation that we don't prosecute these cases is absolutely categorically false. When the evidence is presented to us, when the evidence is sufficient, we prosecute," Sedita said.

Sedita will seek the nomination from both parties.

"Being a member of the judiciary particularly on the Supreme Court would be a tremendous, tremendous honor," Sedita concluded.




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