Preparing a special tribute to Veterans in Orchard Park

Display provides "history and healing"
Posted at 6:20 PM, Nov 07, 2017

They're putting the finishing touches on a very special tribute to veterans at the Orchard Park Library. Estelle Adelman and volunteers of the Orchard Park Historical Society are working with the library to present "Honoring Those Who Served". She says "you reach out and things appear and that's what's been happening." 

The slew of vintage uniforms belong to the O.P. Historical Society, but many of the personal items that will be featured have come from the community. To Paul Pelleschi, it's very personal. He served in Viet Nam and is sharing his entire collection of memorabilia. Paul admits that for many years he was able to talk about his time in the war, adding "we were told to come home and be quiet about it."

Paul says that sharing his collection has been therapeutic for him and others in his battalion. You can see the display and those remembering all wars Veterans Day weekend, Saturday & Sunday noon until 4pm at the Orchard Park Library, 4570 South Buffalo Street, Orchard Park