Pioneer students record a digital music album

Available on the internet
Posted at 10:02 PM, Jun 28, 2016

Some Pioneer High School student songwriters have been busy putting together original songs, recording them and producing a digital album that is now available on the internet.

The student project was produced by the Pioneer High School Songwriting Club under the supervision of student advisors Eric Meslinsky and Alex Berkley. "We ended up with a finished product with 7 songs on it and we're very proud of it." according to Meslinsky.

The album is called "Before We Go" and Kaylee Blesy is one of the students featured on it. She says it was a wonderful learning experience and helped her grow as a musician "I've been opened up to everyone's different music tastes.

You can check out the album and download it from ITunes, Google Play and Amazon. The money raised will help produce more great tunes next year.