Passionate about Pickleball in Lancaster

Free lessons for seniors on Mondays
Posted at 7:37 PM, Aug 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 07:44:02-04

It looks legit but you have to admit it has a funny name. It's called Pickleball and folks at the Lancaster Senior Center are passionate about it, even though there isn't a pickle in sight.

Bob and Jane Reitmeier are instructors and they got hooked on Pickleball while they were in Florida, and now they give free lessons at the Lancaster Senior Center Mondays between 9am and 11am. Bob says that "beginners get the basic instructions on rules, strokes, little strategies, one lesson here and they can take off and play on their own."

Pickleball has been around since the 1960s and is considered to be a cross between badminton, ping pong and tennis. It uses a smaller court than tennis and there is less running around.

Jason Santerre wanted to teach his kids how to play tennis, but ditched that idea when he discovered Pickleball on the internet. Now Jason is the USAPA Pickleball Ambassador for Buffalo and helps put together annual tournaments. He says that the tournaments have "grown dramatically every year, the first year it was 50 people, second year 150 and this year 204."

For more information and places to play you can go to www.BuffaloPickleball.com