Partying becoming big problem in Univ. Heights

Posted at 9:29 PM, Sep 09, 2015

Unruly partiers are wreaking havoc in Buffalo's University Heights neighborhood and residents want it to stop.

They're banding together once again in search of a solution.

Pam Landel rattled off a whole host of ideas to stop the party problem after a weekend of annoyances and arrests. She suggested checking "IDs of kids getting on and off the bus, scan the IDs of every passenger."

Landel was one of about 50 people at a community meeting Tuesday night pondering the problem, citing safety as the biggest worry.

"We're concerned about the safety of these students that are going into these houses cramping in 150-200 people in one house, structurally, they're not equipped to handle that," Mickey Vertino said. Vertino is the President of the University Heights Collaborative.

But beyond that, neighbors are not happy with the noise and nonsense that goes on around them.

"We made 20 arrests over the weekend," said Police Chief Carmen Menza, who adds the department is proactively cracking down on underage drinking and house parties.

"We have to let the students know that it's not okay to be out here having these unbelievably loud large college parties cause it affects the quality of life for the citizens in the community I serve," Menza said. 

The ramifications of arrest are far reaching. That concerns some University at Buffalo students.

"The solution isn't to say cut off everything and arrest people, because a lot of these students have a future here," junior Tim Wu said. 

"When 19-year-olds are getting arrested and having a permanent record for the rest of their lives for something that 99 percent of college Americans do is just tragic," senior Zach Samach said.

Landel says the real tragedy is if students left, but if they're in the University Heights she wants them to behave.

Nothing final came out of Tuesday night's meeting, but Buffalo Police say they'll be out in full force once again this weekend.




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