PARENTS: Warning after baby accidentally burned

Posted at 8:51 AM, Jun 09, 2016

One mother is warning parents to test the temperature of the water coming out of their hose before they let their kids play in it.

The mom from Phoenix, Arizona was playing with her baby by filling up a pool for him and spraying him with the hose when he started screaming.  She told our Scripps Sister Station KNXV that her son had to be taken to the hospital with burns on his body, and that his skin was bubbling and peeling.

Firefighters say hose water can really heat up on a hot summer day, and that parents should always test it before letting their kids play.  When KNXV tested the temperature of the water left in a hose, it was right around 130 degrees, which is about as hot as brewed coffee.

The baby in this case is expected to be ok.