Residents furious over foreclosed homes

Posted at 5:39 PM, Sep 11, 2015

Orchard Park residents say they're tired of foreclosed homes that have become eyesores in their community. They say banks that own the properties need to step up and sell or demolish them, not let them fall apart.

Neighbors gathered in front of a home on Hart Place Thursday night. They say it's been owned buy three different banks during the foreclosure process, and none of them have kept the home up.

"There's flooding in the basement, black mold, vagrants coming through, vermin in the house," said neighbor Ida Jean Moscato.

"We're concerned not only for the value of our homes, but for the safety of the neighborhood," echoed neighbor Beverly Hodson.

State Assemblyman Mickey Kearns has started what he's calling a Foreclosure Friday campaign, where he goes to foreclosed homes in different areas, and puts signs on the lawn asking the banks that own them to take responsibility.

"The bank doesn't care about this community. They're making a financial decision instead of making a community decision. They're not being a good neighbor," explained Kearns. "It's hurting property values, it's costing taxpayers town resources because the inspectors have to come here."

Kearns wants banks to have a plan for foreclosed properties, and be held to it, so more neighborhoods don't have to deal with the same issue.




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