Orchard Park home catches fire on 4th of July

Posted at 5:33 AM, Jul 05, 2017

Police and firefighters in Orchard Park are investigating what caused a man's home to catch fire during 4th of July celebrations.

The fire happened around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday at a home on Woodland Drive near Hillside Drive.  The owner of the home tried to put out the fire himself, and when he went looking for help from neighbors, no one was home.

"He went around running to his neighbors houses, but everyone was at the Fourth of July celebrations so he had a difficult time," explained Lieutenant David Bowersox from the Orchard Park Police Department.  "He tried to put it out himself, but he was unable to he tried using a fire extinguisher and a hose.  Then he was over taken by the smoke and had to get out."

That homeowner had minor burns on his hands from trying to fight the fire himself.  Police say the home is a total loss.