20-month-old child struck and killed by vehicle in Buffalo

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-10 10:51:13-04

First responders were called to the scene of a crash on Fernhill Avenue at Deerfield Avenue before 10 p.m. on Thursday, where a 20-month-old girl was struck and killed by a vehicle.

The girl has not been identified by police, but family members say the victim is Rian Nicole Davis.

After speaking with Rian's mother, Danielle Lane, Friday morning, it is clear that the girl changed her life in the short time they spent together.

"She's just so amazing," said Lane. "You know she was amazing. Like no other girl will be like her."

Rian's family says no one is to blame for the accident. All they can do is stay strong and tell others to express their love to their children.

"We need your prayers," Davis' grandfather Leonard Lane said. "This can happen to anybody, so if you have children...you hug 'em....you hug your children, hug 'em tight and you don't let them go. You let them know that you appreciate them and you love 'em." 

"Accidents do happen and I can't blame no one," said Lane. "We're going to get through it. We gotta get through it."

Crime scene tape was set up around the perimeter of the incident, near Erie County Medical Center, and a 7 Eyewitness News photographer witnessed officers looking through an SUV. 

"I loved her. I really loved her and I loved her so much and that's why so many people are here today because they know the love we have for our children in our community and this could've happened to any of our children, that's why we have to love them while we can."

Police have not yet reported any arrests.