On the Road: Elmwood Village's Boxstar Training

Posted at 8:33 AM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 12:27:49-04

Channel your inner Muhammad Ali and train like a boxer!

Boxstar Training was opened by brothers Drew and Mike Graziadei. The gym focuses on making activity accessible to anyone at any level, while still pushing you to work hard. Workouts combine non-combative boxing routines, fight conditioning and kickboxing. They'll train you in 15, 12 or three minute rounds.

You'll move from station to station, keeping you interested and sweating. It's a high energy workout, moving you from punching bags to the ring, to a tire flip to a box jump.

The gym has been open for about a year in the Elmwood Village and has seen more than 2,000 people through its doors. "It's not for everyone, but things are going way better than we expected," says Drew, glad people are at least trying the workouts.

"We make it so anyone can do it," says Michael, noting that trainers will offer modifications for any move if people struggle with some of them. People of any skill level, experience level or physical fitness can try to fine-tune their skills.

The brothers are also expanding their business, working on finishing up a mobile workout truck! The truck will have hanging punching bags so they can take their workouts on the move!

You can find class schedules and pricing here.

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